The King Is Back

The King Is Back

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Live Steadily, Don't WaveThe King Is BackVương Giả Săn MồiWěn Zhù Bié Làng稳住别浪

Martial Arts
Synopsis The King Is Back

The King Is Back

The King Chen Yan Luo was back. After ruling the underworld for eons, Chen Yan Luo inexplicably died and transformed into a high school student. Although curious about experiencing a normal human life, flirting with girls and sharing family dinners, Chen Yan Luo quickly grew frustrated with constant uninvited challengers seeking to usurp his throne.“Curses, not again!” he exclaimed, resolving to reveal his true power and reclaim his kingdom.

Chen Yan Luo’s new life resembled a Japanese manga. However, while manga portrayed high school as fun, Chen Yan Luo found it tedious and trivial. Additionally, manga often featured romance and drama, whereas Chen Yan Luo remained focused on vanquishing opponents and protecting his underworld kingdom.

One day, Chen Yan Luo noticed a menacing figure following him. Employing his supernatural sensesChen Yan Luo discerned this was no human stalker but rather a clever demon assassin . Chen Yan Luo led the demon to an abandoned warehouse, wanting to avoid casualties during their inevitable confrontation.

Inside the warehouse, the demon shed his human disguise and attacked Chen Yan Luo with a venomous dagger. Chen Yan Luo, demonstrating lighting-fast reflexes, evaded each swipe and summoned hellfire, incinerating the demon instantaneously.

Following the assassination attempt, Chen Yan Luo redoubled his vigilance. More adversaries emerged, requiring Chen Yan Luo to unleash his powers discreetly without attracting human attention. While at school, Chen Yan Luo would excuse himself, teleport to the underworld, vanquish encroaching enemies, then return before anyone noticed his absence.

Though Chen Yan Luo initially wished for normalcy, he accepted his duty as the underworld’s ruler. His human and demon natures were irreconcilable, as were the realms of the living and the dead over which he reigned. Chen Yan Luo continued guarding both realms, his double life like a fantastical manga tale brought to life. Though longing to live freely, Chen Yan Luo remained destined to fight for eternity as the undefeated King.



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