The Duke’S Dark Lady

The Duke’S Dark Lady

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Devious Daughter of the DuchyThe Duke's Dark LadyThe Young Lady With the Black Soul公爵家の黒幕令嬢公爵家的黑幕小姐공작가의 흑막 영애님

Martial Arts
Synopsis The Duke’S Dark Lady

The Duke’S Dark Lady

The illegitimate child of a duke, Estelle, endured a harsh upbringing despite possessing unparalleled power as the greatest saintess. Although she consistently sought affection from those around her, Estelle faced betrayal and was sacrificed to the devil. She suffered 600 years of torment in hell until one day, the devil whispered, offering revenge and glory. With her soul shattered beyond repair, Estelle grasped his hand.

Upon returning from hell, Estelle stole the body of the youngest daughter of the Garnet Empire’s most prominent house.

Subsequently, Estelle is poised to unleash devastating destruction upon all who betrayed her. “I will strip everything from my enemies and subject them to the worst deaths,” she vowed.

Transitioning to a new chapter, the manga chronicles Estelle enacting her vengeance. Manipulating her new identity and connections, she infiltrates the royal court. There, Estelle locates her former tormentors, who failed to recognize her. Exploiting their ignorance and her proximity, Estelle subtly poisons her enemies. As they suffer slow, agonizing deaths, Estelle mocks them for their past sins.

With her thirst for revenge partially sated, Estelle turns her attention to the Garnet Empire itself. Using her status and supernatural gifts, Estelle ignites conflict between nations. Plunging the empire into chaos and war, she brings its citizens to ruin. All the while, Estelle takes pleasure in the widespread suffering she cultivates.

However, Estelle’s cruelty and malice do not go unnoticed as several characters suspect her sinister intentions. A clandestine organization of mages and warriors emerges to thwart Estelle. They work to counter her malevolent influence over the empire and protect the populace.

Estelle becomes aware of their efforts and moves to eliminate them. She views all as potential threats to her vengeance. In a climactic confrontation, Estelle battles the organization’s strongest members. Although she defeats them, the ordeal awakens memories of her past suffering and lost humanity. Estelle realizes she has become akin to those who tormented her. Overcome with remorse, Estelle resolves to undo the damage she wrought, hoping to reclaim her own soul.



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