Nano Machine - Chapter 209

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127 responses to “Nano Machine”

  1. 😉 dumb ass. anyways, if you want to remove the NEW HEAVENLY DEMON from the crown prince position, you better prepare to either get your sect destroyed or step your ass down from sect leader, because no matter what you do, he WILL become the Sect leader instead of you.

  2. I think she didn’t die just yet. That scene was so anticlimactic it’s kind of obvious. I bet it’d be twice if not more satisfying for her final unalive scene lol

  3. This guy has become my favorite fucking mc, his attitude about friend and no mercy to his mother killer + also killed that bastard who was with that bitxh slut, everything was amazing

  4. O M G HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA THAT STUPID WOMAN REALLY THOUGHT HE WOULD LET IT SLIDE. I’m having goosebumps like crazy. Let’s pray for her suffering next chapter. Please don’t show mercy this was absolutely amazing

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