Live Dungeon

Live Dungeon

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ライブダンジョン!(Comic)라이브 던전!

Martial Arts
Synopsis Live Dungeon

In the captivating world of manga, immerse yourself in the narrative of "Live Dungeon." Within the confines of an old MMORPG, Live Dungeon,

Kyotani Tsutomu defies the impending termination of service, utilizing five notebook PCs to conquer the game

and unexpectedly finding himself transported to a different world. Witnessing a live relay of a dungeon capture in this alternate reality,

Tsutomu is taken aback as the adventurers bulldoze through challenges with little regard for strategy.

Fate plays its hand as Tsutomu is reluctantly assigned the healer position,

reminiscent of the misfortunes that often accompany gaming experiences.

Drawing inspiration from his favorite game class, the White Mage,

Tsutomu embarks on a quest to conquer the dungeon and discover the key to escaping the unfamiliar realm.

The manga adaptation of "Live Dungeon" skillfully navigates the transition between gaming and reality,

offering readers a visual journey through the challenges and triumphs of Tsutomu's newfound adventure.

Transition words guide readers through the evolving dynamics of the story,

as Tsutomu grapples with the unexpected twists of his journey,

from mastering the intricacies of dungeon conquest to embracing the responsibilities of the healer role.

"Live Dungeon" invites readers to explore the intersections of gaming escapades

and the unpredictable landscapes of a different world. Through the lens of manga, the narrative unfolds,

blurring the boundaries between virtual conquests and the tangible challenges of an unfamiliar reality.

As Tsutomu confronts the uncertainties of his fate, the manga version provides a dynamic

and visually immersive experience—a tale where the realms of gaming and reality collide in unexpected ways.



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