I’M Not That Kind Of Talent

I’M Not That Kind Of Talent

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Martial Arts
Synopsis I’M Not That Kind Of Talent

I’M Not That Kind Of Talent

Deon Hardt possessed no exceptional talents or abilities. Quite the opposite, in fact. Afflicted with a frail constitution and poor health, the slightest stress caused him to cough up blood, and a few minutes in the sun resulted in agonizing sunburns.

However, due to a case of mistaken identity, Deon found himself appointed as "Demon Arut," the infamous commander of the demon army's 0th corps and the demon king's secret weapon. Caught in a war between humanity and demonkind, Deon struggled to survive, let alone live up to his fearsome reputation.

Though utterly unsuited for combat, Deon had to play the role fate had thrust upon him. His meager skills posed no threat to the enemies that now surrounded him on all sides, human and demon alike. Many sought the glory of slaying the demon general "Demon Arut."

Deon longed for the quiet life he had known before, filled with little beyond managing his health issues and avoiding notice. Now he commanded legions and wielded power that could destroy armies with a word, if only in name. The reality remained that a strong breeze could still cause his knees to buckle.

Each day brought fresh dangers and difficulties as Deon scrambled to conceal his true pathetic self behind the mask of the invincible "Demon Arut." Many close calls and narrow escapes later, he began to wonder if he might not survive this messy ordeal. With no way out, he could only forge ahead and pray this case of mistaken identity might yet resolve itself without claiming his life as its price.

Deon's circumstances seemed more befitting a fanciful manga than real life. Alas, the farce he now starred in continued with no signs the demon king had recognized the error that had allowed a feeble human to infiltrate the ranks of his inner circle. And so, the chronicles of "Demon Arut" played on.



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