Get A Male Lead For Every Book

Get A Male Lead For Every Book

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Les secrets entre les mains de Mathilda我靠读书蛊来好多男主책을 읽을 때마다 남주인공이 늘어난다

Martial Arts
Synopsis Get A Male Lead For Every Book

Get A Male Lead For Every Book

Hajin was thrilled to start college and pursue her dreams. However, after a car accident, Hajin woke up as Matilda in a fantasy world. There, she found she could turn memories into books. Though she hid this ability, she decided to help the kind King Daden, who couldn’t sleep. This revealed Daden’s dark past.

Subsequently, Hajin explored her new world. She learned she was in the kingdom of Azantria, ruled by the Howard royal family. Using her power, Hajin wrote books about Azantria’s history and culture. The books became popular, bringing her fame and wealth. However, Hajin felt unfulfilled. She wanted a special someone to share her secret with.

Eventually, Hajin grew close to Prince Cedric, Daden’s son. Cedric was charismatic and charming. Although love blossomed between them, Hajin couldn’t reveal her ability. She feared Cedric might view her as a monster. Their relationship reached a breaking point when Cedric proposed and asked Hajin to have no secrets between them.

Torn, Hajin confided in Queen Isabel, Cedric’s mother. Isabel accepted Hajin for who she was and encouraged her to trust Cedric. Bolstered by Isabel’s support, Hajin revealed the truth to Cedric, who embraced her lovingly. With the weight of her secret lifted, their bond grew stronger.

Cedric and Hajin worked together to improve Azantria. Using her power, Hajin located criminals and threats to the kingdom. Cedric and the royal knights brought the villains to justice. Under their leadership, Azantria entered a new era of peace and prosperity.

Hajin initially thought her power a curse. However, with Cedric and Isabel’s help, she realized it was a gift to protect Azantria. Her journey from an ordinary college girl to the savior of a fantasy kingdom captivated many. Hajin's story spread through Azantria and eventually became a popular manga in her original world.



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