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Martial Arts
Slice of Life
Synopsis Existence

Existence took varied forms – once a swarm of ants, another, a colossal dinosaur. This marked the ultimate reincarnation of a being that had undergone countless rebirths. Born human, Lee Jain possessed the accumulated power of every past life. The purpose behind this extraordinary ability gradually became clear to him. Amidst contemplation, he realized his existence held a singular mission: the annihilation of mankind.

Within the intricate tapestry of the manga, Lee Jain's existence unfolds as a complex enigma,

intertwined with the essence of the world he inhabits. With each successive incarnation, his understanding deepens, and the weight of his purpose becomes more pronounced.

The manga brilliantly captures the evolution of Lee Jain's perception, illustrating the interplay between his past lives and the present. As transitions from one existence to another unfold,

readers bear witness to the overarching theme of interconnectedness, echoing the intricate narrative threads woven throughout the story.

Throughout the manga's vivid panels, the concept of existence is vividly explored,

inviting readers to ponder the multifaceted layers that define reality. Lee Jain's journey embodies the essence of existence itself, a profound exploration of purpose, identity,

and the relentless pursuit of a seemingly inscrutable destiny.

As the narrative unfolds, the enigmatic connection between Lee Jain's purpose and the impending fate of humanity emerges with poignant clarity. Each turn of the page beckons readers deeper into the intricate dance between existence and destruction, leaving them spellbound by the intricate dance of fate that propels Lee Jain forward.

In the heart of the manga, Lee Jain's existence stands as a testament to the complexity of life's tapestry, revealing the delicate balance between creation and annihilation. His transformative journey serves as a metaphor, inviting readers to reflect on their own existence and the profound impact each individual has on the grand tapestry of humanity.

In the captivating realm of this manga, Lee Jain's existence is an ever-unfolding saga, a mesmerizing exploration of purpose, power, and the unyielding forces that shape the destiny of both individuals and civilizations alike.



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