Bad Ending Maker

Bad Ending Maker

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BE結局製造者 - BE结局创造者 - 배드 엔딩 메이커 -

Martial Arts
Synopsis Bad Ending Maker

Bad Ending Maker, a poignant tale unfolds as Mr. Mincheol faces an abrupt termination

after opposing the management's billing policy, ending his devoted career as the online director of Wings overnight.

This game, this world—he made them. Determined to be the sole arbiter of their fate,

he resolves to become the final boss, orchestrating the conclusion with his own hands.

Bad Ending Maker, within the pages of this manga, explores Mincheol's journey of defiance, creativity,

and self-empowerment. Transitioning from a life dedicated to the game he crafted to the abrupt termination that marks the end of an era,

the narrative intricately weaves themes of passion, agency, and the pursuit of control over one's destiny.

As Mincheol embraces the role of the final boss in his own creation,

Bad Ending Maker delves into the psychological toll of asserting dominance over a world he meticulously designed.

The manga skillfully captures the internal struggles of a creator turned antagonist, navigating the complexities of power

and authorship.

Bad Ending Maker poses a profound question: Can Mincheol redefine his narrative,

turning what seems like a bad ending into a testament of his creative prowess?

The manga invites readers on a journey of self-discovery, defiance,

and the uncharted territories of shaping one's destiny within the confines of a virtual realm.

In the captivating world of Bad Ending Maker,

readers are immersed in a narrative that transcends the boundaries of conventional storytelling.

The manga ensures an engaging reading experience, blending elements of drama, creativity,

and the exploration of the human psyche within the context of virtual creation.



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