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Aideen Baykuşların Lideri アイディン 艾丁 아이딘

Synopsis Aideen

Aideen, the revered daughter of a duke and leader of the Emperor's assassins called 'Owl,' gave her all for her Lord yet only received betrayal and deceit in exchange, ultimately meeting death. "I will avenge myself upon thee. I shall never forgive thee, not even in my demise!" After shouldering all blame, her life ended when her neck was severed by the guillotine.

However, as soon as she opened her eyes, she found herself 17 years old again. She resolved to annihilate Ferdi, a country the Emperor treasured above all. "You are fair, Milady. Especially those crimson eyes of yours." Startlingly, the man who directly ordered Aideen's beheading, Prince Diceon of the enemy kingdom, began interfering in her new life!

In this Japanese manga, the abandoned Aideen is resurrected to seek vengeance and demolish her homeland. Though granted another chance at life, the sorrow of her past has not left her. Nevertheless, Aideen hides her wrath beneath a facade of tranquility. She ingratiates herself with the imperial court once more, all the while gathering information to aid in her revenge.

During her mission, Aideen finds herself crossing paths with Diceon frequently. She is uncertain if it is mere coincidence or if he has seen through her vengeful intent. Diceon, captivated by Aideen's striking red eyes, grows fond of her company. Likewise, Aideen detects something different in Diceon's gaze and demeanor compared to their past encounters.

Torn between reprisal and her budding affections, Aideen's desire for retribution falters. Diceon's earnest actions and considerate words have awakened long-dormant softer emotions within her. However, the screams of the dead, betrayed by the Emperor she once esteemed, still echo in her mind. Can Aideen forsake her need for vengeance and escape the shackles of her woeful past with Diceon's aid? Or will vengeance ultimately consume her whole? The course Aideen chooses shall determine whether her second chance at life ends in bliss or tragedy.



25 responses to “Aideen”

  1. Wow, this is amazing. The story line is different from the other story and the art, wow… I wonder what will happen next

  2. I’m still heartbroken about the fact that there is no season 2 for this manga 😭😭. And that I also can’t find the novel that they adapted for this. I died twice. 😢😭

  3. Oho the crown prince more innocent than i thought, still fall for her trick after saw how good her acting skill lol

  4. This couple remind me of cedric-tia, the gap of hight, the body posture, and their relationship of the past life (except in the end of their past life)

  5. The art just so amazing, but (maybe bcs its still the first chapter) why she only blame the blonde girl, while in her flash back the one who betray and trap her is the emperor?

    • it seems like she only noticed she was being ised and as a puppet because of the blonde girl, well this is only the first chapter

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